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Feedback from exibitors HouseHold Expo Spring 2023

Elena Shepel, category manager for household goods Yandex.Market

«This is our favorite HouseHold exhibition, I would say the key one; I come here 2 times a year, consistently, for 6 years. I love the event very much because there is an aggregation of my partners with whom we constantly communicate, so it is a very good place. The atmosphere is conducive to discuss details with partners again, maybe come up with some new ideas. I like that you can also find new partners, everyone has such an inviting atmosphere here, and everyone wants to get to know you, you can learn more about partners, learn new products».

Kostykov Vladislav, General Director Archimed company

«Quite a lot of interest, many visitors, pleasantly surprised me; obviously, we are satisfied with the participation. Eye-to-eye meetings are useful in any business area, face-to-face meetings will not ever be replaced by online, we regularly meet with various clients via online conferences, nevertheless, all these people came here to the exhibition to see each other and look into each other's eyes - this is exactly what the exhibition needs».

Vera Kernosova, Idi land brand

«This year's spring exhibition showed very good results, we are very pleased with the number of customers who visited it. There are both our current partners, with whom we were able to agree on new plans and stages of development of our companies, and many potential clients we are mutually interested. At the exhibition, we can see our customers, hear their feedback about our product, exchange experiences and just hug each other, because we are doing a great and common thing, offering high-quality and interesting products that are made in Russia».

Andrey Kulakov, commercial director of Resto KitchenWare Company

«This year the exhibition is better than expected, we are in a new place, in a new location, nevertheless all our main partners visited our stand again, and communication is at the same high level. For our industry, the exhibition is important because people have the opportunity to meet, confirm old contacts and establish new ones. For us, this is a great volume of entering the shelves in order to bring our product to the consumer».

Ilyushkina Yana, commercial director of the network of hypermarkets of goods for the home Darvin

«This is not the first time we have participated in the event. At the exhibition, our garden hypermarkets of household goods work in all directions of the exhibition, our category managers visit the exhibition and conferences annually. This year the conference has a very rich program, interesting speakers. The audience is very intelligent and easy to communicate with, asking questions. I think we all have exchanged expertise, it was very interesting experience. All conferences are useful for us to form a general impression of the market, since we work in different areas, different categories of household, our customers are similar in many ways, but we must understand the general trend, how can we be more useful to our beloved guests; we definitely visit the exhibition annually, we note that this year it is more vast, the exposition is larger, which is very pleasing. Many offers for the new year, for garden goods and for the home. Every year we sign quite a lot of contracts and communicate with many suppliers».

Dmitry Dmitriev, partner of the BOOOSTER consulting platform, conference speaker

«I enjoyed speaking here because the audience is vivid and numerous, and I saw that the topic that we have discussed today, behavioral economics, resonated with it. I think this is something that we should share and exchange during the conference, something new, because we are already on the rails all the time, we have already tried all the promotions, all the discounts many times, and the same thing and in different ways have tried it. But if we share content that completely changes the point of view and makes you look differently, we find new solutions. Why do we need such exhibitions and conferences? Frankly everything is pretty obvious here. Exhibitions are an exchange of information, way to check whether our suppliers are alive or not, what's new with anyone. Therefore, offline events will not become outdated for a long time and will always be relevant. I wish everyone to find their new unique solutions and develop this market. See you at the next conference!»


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