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Containers of ZPE ‘Alternativa’ production are universal and help to efficiently organize the space and to keep an ideal right. The lid keeps the contents from dust and moist. Thanks to a transparent material, from which the lid and the shell are made, you can see the contents of boxes. Сontainers can be stacked very conveniently. The construction allows combining them with each other for an optimal use of space. The containers are good for storage of toys, bed linen, seasonal clothes, shoes, art items, everyday little things, and other.  Wide range of liter capacity: 5, 12, 22, 45, 60. The biggest container of 60 liters capacity is equipped with wheels for convenience of transportation.

An active formation of the autumn exhibitions is continuing. The following companies has confirmed their participation in the international HouseHold Expo, Stylish Home. Gifts and Christmas Box. Podarki exhibitions: Gala Tsentr, Manrok, Drimex, AMR, Neva metall posuda,  Hoffman,  Wilmax, Gipfel, Lysva, Mechta, Arti-M, OMS, Plastik Republic, Kukmorskiy zavod, Eli Peneri, Sima Land, Pilot MS, Bytplast, Nadoba, Raveks, Stal Emal, Daniks, Ensgroup, Gidrofors, Korall, Plast Team, Apollo, ARK-international, Alfgraf, ND play, NSK, Verde, Ellastic plast, Magamaks, Pioneer, York, Landskrona, Ashinskiy zavod, ATKH-Holding,  Kelli Group, Mir posudy, Veles, Mayer Boch, Funbox, ZME, Stokist, LMR Plast, Starexpo, Kolorit, Dunia Dogush Plastic, Sila vody, Link Group, Remeling, Remeko, Argenta, Lenardi, Neman, Dom svechey, Musatov, Bogema, Promsiz, Decorstyle Glass, Karlsbach, Gorod podarkov, Dekostek, Dariis Akcam, Prior, Ellan Gallery, Kristaleks, Dulevskiy farvoroviy zavod, Glasstar, Antares Trade, Miland. Among the exhibitors, taking part for the first time, there are SHAR PAPIER, Techplast, Rusprom, Florin and others.


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